About US

GotoHTTP is a very small and easy to use remote control software, it can penetrate firewall. User only needs to download the GotoHTTP software to the computer which is about to be controlled. The software is only hundreds of KB, no installation is required, just run it. If user doesn't exit the program manually, it will start automatically on computer booted. On controlling side, user is not required to download any additional software or plugin. It uses web browser(on Windows,Linux,Mac,iPhone,iPad,Android...) to control remote computer and transfer files, and allows multi-users to control one computer. So you can share the screen for presentation.

GotoHTTP is a web application based on T12x platform. We have established several service nodes worldwide, and will continue to add more nodes in future. We want every devices in the world can connect to t12x cloud service fast.

If you want to setup your dedicated GotoHTTP server for your enterpise or integrate it to your product, or have any business purpose, please contact us.

Introduction to T12x

T12x platform is designed and developed by TTXN software. it can establish instant multi-media communication channels among computers, embeded devices and web browsers,and provides role, roster, session, token management. It also provides video access, storage, management and distribution service. T12x has built-in Web server and server side program language 12x. It combines HTTP and instant communication seamlessly. T12x provides convenient multi-languages management tool,make it easier to do localization on web application. T12x server is very small, it can even run on embeded device. It's the simplest solution to live video broadcast, remote support,distance education, conference, Network Video Recorder (NVR), Internet of Things(IOT),device management and etc.

We provide the following type of APIs: