Wayland Mode

Wayland is a display server of Linux as well. It's intended as replacement for "X Window". For compatibility reason, it was not widely used by linux desktop vendors. One of the problems is not supporting remote desktop. GotoHTTP doesn't work on Wayland either. However some vendors begin to use Wayland as default display server in recent years. Ubuntu is one of them. This article is to describle how to make GotoHTTP work on Ubuntu. The solution can be applied to other types of Linux. Wayland does not affact command-line edition of GotoHTTP.

Since 17.10 Ubuntu begun to use Wayland as default display server,so older versions have no such issue. Newer versions maybe have the following issues:

1. GotoHTTP can not start after user login

Solution: at the graphical login screen, you may see an icon either next to the login name,or at the top-right of the screen, the icon may look like gear. clicking on the icon, you may see options: Ubuntu and Ubuntu on Wayland. Choose Ubuntu, then login, the issue can be fixed. If you see options: Ubuntu and Ubuntu on Xorg,please choose Ubuntu on Xorg. Fortunately, since Ubuntu18.04,the default display server was changed back to "X Org". You may use the command: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE to see which display server you are using.

2. GotoHTTP can not start automatically before user login

Solution: Although the default display server was changed back to "X Org" since Ubuntu18.04,the login screen still use Wayland. To solution it, you need to change system configuration,please do the following:

Login root,edit file /etc/gdm3/custom.conf , find the line #WaylandEnable=false ,remove the comment char '#'. save it and reboot system.