Blank Screen

This feature allows you to make remote screen go blank while controlling remote computer, which can protect your actions from being seen by others. To use this feature, you first need to turn on "Allow remote black screen" in the options, which is on by default on Windows and off by default on Android.

Next, you only need to click the "Black Screen" button in the shortcut window on the controlling side to make the remote screen go blank, and lock the remote mouse and keyboard at the same time. Clicking this button again will cancel the remote blank screen (disconnect the remote directly in the blank screen state, and the remote will also return to the normal screen). If this option is not turned on on the remote computer, or if the remote does not support this feature, the Remote 'Black Screen' button will be grayed out.

On the Windows computer, you can follow the steps below to cancel the black screen (Android devices can press the power button directly):