Control From Mobile Device

Similar to desktop PC,use mobile web browser to open our website (You can scan the QR code above), input remote Computer Id and Access Code and then start control. To get better experience, we recommend you to download App for your mobile phone.

GotoHTTP mobile supports 2 control modes: Mouse Mode and Touch Mode. You can switch control mode in tool panel by tapping icon . If remote device is desktop pc, default mode will be Mouse Mode; If remote device is mobile too, default mode will be Touch Mode. Using two-finger to scroll or zoom local screen, and single finger to operate remote screen. Please see the diagram below for more details.

(If your mobile or PAD has a mouse,and you want to use it. Please MUST not touch screen after remote control started,or the mouse will not work. However in case of doing that,please click the tool icon,then choose Touch Mode,then switch back to Mouse Mode, mouse will work again.)

In Mouse Mode,once connected to remote computer, there will be a virtual mouse cursor on screen. The whole mobile screen is like a touch pad. It has 2 areas, please see the diagram below for reference. Area A is mouse pointer area; Area B is mouse wheel area. In Touch Mode,the wheel Area B will be hidden. Swiping up or down on screen will wheel mouse.

Gesture illustration

The gestures work in both Mouse Mode and Touch Mode unless otherwise specified. In Touch Mode,if remote computer is desktop pc,single-finger drag is to wheel mouse; if remote computer is mobile device,single-finger drag is to drag mouse